Last month I noted that I had moved from the UK to New Zealand. Just to complete a clean sweep this month I have digitally moved from easycgi to godaddy. Well Iā€™m on a roll now.

If you have subscribed to the old blog on easycgi you will need to re-subscribe here.

Why did I move?

I have to say that I have always found easycgi great hosts however there was a chain of events that lead me to leave. The old blog was wordpress based and I just cannot get on with PHP ā€“ so I decided to migrate to a .NET based engine ā€“ I settled on as it seemed to be the most mature, widely used and maintained engine and it gave me an opportunity to get my blog into blogML.


It turns out that blogengine requires .NET v4 and it turns out that easycgi have still not upgraded and had no plans to. Mind you godaddy does not support SQLite so my books catalog will have to stay on the old site for the moment.

So here we are digitally and physically migrated ā€“ next month it will be back to proper posts hopefully.