Last month I release the first version of MeasureMe, a low friction personal measurement tool. One of the ideas behind an agile approach to software development is that the minimum viable product should be shipped as early as possible, and the first version of MeasureMe was in the play store 4 weeks after I started.

Then the idea is to revise the product to add functionality. Over the last month I have added

  1. Multiple measurements can now be triggered from a single alarm which makes it much easier to collect information all in one go, so for instance the multiple sleeps measurements can all be collected in one go.
  2. Added Units Consumed scale to enable recording coffee, cigarettes, alcohol etc.
  3. Notes can now be attached to a measurement when the alarm is trigged making it easier to identify events in the data
  4. Added Satisfaction with Life scale. This scale is commonly used to measure happiness
  5. Added help text
  6. Minor bug fixes

I have also produced an example spreadsheet to analyse recordings from the Pain NRS 11 measurement. Feel free to download it and use it to analyse your own results. It would work equally well for the shorter Pain scale as well