BOBS Constitution and Rules

This constitution is based on the one hand-copied into Steph's diary. I have transcribed it and amended it slightly (turning it into English as I go). Suggestions by other BOBS members have also been incorporated. I would suggest at the next BOBS meeting we vote on this new constitution. Steph will bring along her paper copy for comparison. Please note that the constitution does not detail how to change the constitution so I would encourage all members to attend the next meeting so their voice is heard. After it has been voted on it will not be amended, except at meetings, I would suggest a paper copy be available at all future meetings.

Constitution last updated on Tuesday March 03, 2009

  1. Membership �10.00 per month per person, by standing order.
  2. Only BOBS members at the time of the AGM/EGM can vote, absent members will be polled by post.
  3. New members have to pay a joining fee such that they have an equal stake in the BOBS account. The amount will be the current BOBS account balance divided by the number of members.
  4. To become a member, an application must receive a unanimous vote in favour.
  5. At least 75% of members have to agree to an event for it to go ahead as a BOBS funded event.
  6. The benefits of being a member are:
      to keep contact with and make new friends
      to help save for extra holidays during the year
      to take advantage of group buying power for accommodation and travel
      to get priority for an event.
  7. Priority means:
      if there is are a limited number of places the BOBS members will be given first option.
      events will not be overfilled.
      BOBS members will be given priority on bedrooms, e.g. Double rooms.
      discounts for group bookings will be passed to BOBS members.
  8. If you book the event you get first choice of the bedrooms at the event.
  9. Refunds will be given (this is possibly in English but does not really make sense):
      if you do not want to go.
      if you cannot go.
      if you are ill or cancel at the last minute. Part or full refunds will be given depending on the passed on cost to other members.
  10. There will be no quoted cost for an event given to non-BOBS members before the event as the actual cost cannot be calculated. An approximate figure may be given
  11. Children are not part of BOBS. Babies to be considered for each event separately.