Last month I described how I got the pipe symbol to work in TiddlyWiki on my HTC Wildfire.

I got to TiddlyWiki for small screen devices by downloading AndTidWiki, this in turn was based on iTW. The thing is that its based on TiddlyWiki v2.4.1, the current version is v2.6.4 and now includes jQuery.

I took a little time and also had help from Andrew and we have put together a Powershell script that will take a release copy of the TiddlyWiki from the published archives and will add in the modifications that were made to the base TiddlyWiki by bidx (for iTW) as well the the modification that I made to use an alternative pipe symbol on HTC android phones. The effect of this is that it is now possible to generate a TiddlyWiki for phones that is based on the latest version of TiddlyWiki. Run the scripts and then just copy the HTML file to your phone.

While I was doing it I also made another modification to automatically dismiss the popup div that is displayed as a successful save confirmation. The popup is all well and good but I found it annoying to have to dismiss it every time I pressed “Done”, the modification leaves the popup there for five seconds and then dismisses it.

We have put the all the scripts that you need to generate your own Tiddlywiki in a repository called TiddlyWiki4Phone on bitbucket – enjoy.