I started this blog about three year ago. Its not the first blog I had had a go at like a lot of people over the last ten years I have started with all the best intentions and then it petered out.

This blog is different – I have actually kept at it. The idea has been to set realistic goals, in this case of a post every month. I have tried to learn something new every month and document it in a comprehensive manner and I think I am quite pleased with the result and the fact that it keeps me trying to grow and develop.

This month I have upped sticks and moved from my home in the UK to live in New Zealand. What I have learnt this month is that if you do something like this it pretty much takes up all your time, hence this somewhat cheating entry.

In order that I can do next months post I have a real deadline for sorting out broadband, and a house, oh and a job – there are some details to attend to.