A while ago I compared commute times in Manchester, I now live in Wellington and thought it would be interesting to repeat the exercise (no pun intended) here.

I live a little further out of town in Wellington, the routes I use its about 12.5 KM to work and 11.5 KM home. When I use the bus I have to walk about 5 minutes to the bus stop from my house, the bus stop is right outside work. I usually leave between 7:30 am and 8 am in the morning, which is rush hour, in the evening its usually after 5:30 so a little after peek travel time for most people.

Unlike Manchester, which was relatively flat, the trip times in Wellington is skewed as we live at the top of a hill, The elevation gain in meters on the way home looks like this


Once again I collected at least 10 tracks in each direction for each mode of transport, using the wonderful My Tracks. The results are

  bus bike
2 work



2 home



The cycle trips do not include time to get changed, but generally reflect what I felt was happening, it was fasted in the morning to cycle and faster to use the bus in the evening.

Once again I plotted the spread of times, I appear to have got quicker at going to work as I got used to riding here.

to work nz


to home nz

In Manchester it was obvious that it was faster to commute using a cycle, in Wellington the advantage is less apparent. However if you take into account the steepness of the hill (trust me its as steep as it looks) then I guess I am surprised that I am able to keep up with the bus on the way home.

Having just done my medical for my visa I can attest that I am getting fitter