This month I have done a maintenance release of PodcastUtilities. I have noticed that the playlists generated by PodcastUtilities do not work on an Android device. I dont really use them on Android and they worked fine on Windows so it wasnt a big deal but it did irritate me.

I had a look at the file specification for ASX and WPL and I was suprised to see that although the format of the files were specified the format of any local file references was not. I guessed that the issue was the path separator, PodcastUtilities used the windows style \ if I changed it to the Unix standard / then it worked fine on Android and still worked on Windows.

So I added to the configuration of playlists like this


While I was doing this I also added support for M3U format playlists as they are very commonly supported by players.

The new version ( is now in GitHub and also available as a binary download if you just want to run PodcastUtilities.