It has been ten years since I started blogging. At the time I said I needed somewhere to store some static content and where I could document things I would forget, things haven’t changed that much.

This is not my first blog and I was unsure if I would actually keep going with this one. I had read somewhere that a good plan was to set an achievable target and stick to it. After the inevitable initial flurry I settled on blogging once a month and have managed to keep to it for ten years.

What I find is that this blog acts as a barometer. I need to keep learning things every month to be able to blog about them, when I am finding it hard to find topics then its time to start looking for a new job, or at least a new role.

I do agree with Scott that I guess I have kept going because I value the activity, not just because it keeps me learning but also because I am creating something I own that has value to me. When I started I just did what so many people did and threw up a Wordpress blog, even then I knew I wanted to host it, I wanted to own it. Over the years I have tried to move the content away from strange proprietary format. Moving from Wordpress (DB Format), to Blogengine.NET (XML format) and now I am settled on Github Pages (text markdown format) where I am very happy, for the moment.