This month I have done a maintenance release of RamEater. I have noticed that newer phones like the S10 now have 8GB of memory and the number of services in RamEater was not enough to consume all the available memory on its own. I’ve added another 6 bringing it up to 16 services, Android usually limits each service to 0.5GB so that should be enough for the moment.

I also fixed a UI bug that has been in the app for years, I am very grateful for a helpful user for spotting it and sending me all the information I needed to fix it.

I also added some notes to the app help. Since Android 8.1 the developer options have contained an item called Memory, this item can cause confusion because it shows app memory averaged over a number of hours rather than the memory consumed by each process in real time which is shown by Running Services

The source code is in Github.