The end of an era, that is how a colleague described it when I decided to retire. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I think he meant it in a good way.

Well it certainly wil be a change. I stared work in 1987, I started this blog in 2008. The initial idea was to have a place where I could keep notes and information that I would otherwise forget It also was potentially a place to show off my abilities to potential employers as well as announce developments in my personal software projects for pretty much the same reason. I remember when I started the blog reading other developer’s experiences in creating content, one of the pieces of advice that stuck in my mind was that I should decide on the minimum amount of content I wanted to write, an stick to it.

In my head I decided that I would write once a month. This kept the blog alive but it also meant that I had to achieve things to write in the blog, learning things or producing new releases of my software projects. So a win - win activity.

I took stock after ten years and felt that the blog was achieving what I intended. Now I am retired I think I need to reevaluate the objectives of this blog. I am still keen to carry on learning and plan more personal project work so I anticipate still producing content. However, one of the things I am learning about being retied is the joy of being able to set my own deadlines and not needing to be constrained by my employment. With that in mind I will still produce content butI no longer feel that it has to be every month.